Based in the Netherlands, Equinox is a quintet co-lead by guitarist Dan Nicholas and bassist Johnny Daly. Nicholas comes from New York City and Daly is a native of Dublin, Ireland. Both musicians have made the Netherlands their home, inspired by the rich jazz climate they found there.

Joining Nicholas and Daly in Equinox are three of the country’s top jazz musicians; the tenor saxophone titan Simon Rigter, the elegant and adventurous pianist Bob Wijnen and master drummer Marcel Serierse. The band plays a mix of vivid original pieces, personal arrangements of standards and classic jazz repertoire by the likes of Thelonious Monk, Billy Strayhorn, Charles Mingus and Horace Silver. Equinox is deeply rooted in a wide spectrum of jazz tradition, which constantly informs the band’s musical explorations. The individual members of the band all draw inspiration from this tradition in the development of their own personal avenues of musical expression.

Marjorie Barnes and Equinox

“Equinox play their music in a style that is deeply respectful to its roots, but which is both entertaining and accessible to a wide audience. Cool and lucid performances – exciting and virtuosic, a joy to hear.”

Bill Whelan: Composer, Riverdance