Dan Nicholas

Guitarist, composer, arranger and lyricist Dan Nicholas is the musical director of Equinox. He grew up in New York City and New Jersey, and at the age of 18 he began to study with the world renowned jazz pianist and educator, Dr. Barry Harris. Nicholas was inspired to move to The Netherlands in 2001 after meeting master pianist Frans Elsen, with whom he worked from 2008 – 2011. 

Nicholas formed Equinox in 2008 and began to focus extensively on composing and arranging for the ensemble. In 2014, the project entered its current phase as the backing group for the incomparable vocalist Marjorie Barnes, giving Nicholas the opportunity to hone his abilities as an original lyricist as well. 

In addition to working with Equinox, Dan Nicholas has performed with such jazz luminaries as Barry Harris, Grant Stewart, Gary Smulyan, Benjamin Herman, Dado Moroni, Peter Beets, Greg Hutchinson and Gene Jackson. He is also the leader of Equinox Jazz Promotions (EJP), an organization dedicated to programming and promoting an extremely high level of jazz events in the Netherlands.

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